Affiliate Partner Solutions

Manage and measure partner performance with precision. Our affiliate marketing solution measures, manages, and optimizes partner campaigns for the highest performance and profit margins.We provide accurate measurement and advanced data security to attract new partners and build profitable relationships.

Elevate Performance through Smart Insights

Streamline your affiliate marketing program. Real-time insights empower you to optimize partner and campaign performance. Manage partner rewards through customizable alerts, granular data, and unique commission structures.

Optimize Traffic and Magnify Profit Margins

Take advantage of custom targeting parameters, such as location, device, and browser.  Increase profit margins through real-time traffic monetization. Accurately measure every impression, interaction, and conversion to ensure proper revenue and payout attribution.

What You Can Do

For Advertisers

We provide advertisers the essential tools for building better relationships: Complete partner management, proactive fraud prevention, and comprehensive payment processing. INCIRCL simplifies the process of integrating, managing, and compensating your valued partnerships across both mobile and web.


Simplify Your Partnership, Management, and Payment Process

Maximize efficiencies by streamlining your partner marketing activities, from onboarding to payment. With INCIRCL, you can consolidate all of your partners, networks, channels, and campaigns into a single interface. Then automate all of your program workflows, including payment processing, fraud prevention, and performance optimization.

INCIRCL enables you to operate in full transparency through granularized reporting and navigable dashboards. And you can build confidence among partners with fully integrated accounts payable workflows and international payment processing.

Seamlessly Track & Measure Partner Performance

Make the most of your existing data and relationships with current mobile and digital measurement partners. Employ our tracking and measurement capabilities to drive revenue growth with mobile and web partners on a single platform.

INCIRCL makes it possible to leverage robust targeting and server-side tracking capabilities. So you can track cross-channel and optimize performance in real time.

We also empower your team to customize conversions, goals, payout tiers, and much more.

Prevent Fraud with Proactive Controls

Its a huge challenge to monitor campaigns for suspicious traffic that may indicate fraudulent activity. Our built-in fraud protection automatically detects and rejects click fraud resulting from:

  • Compromised Sources
  • Malware and Bots
  • Spoofed Traffic
  • Non-Human Scripts
  • Anonymous Proxies
What You Can Do

For Networks

We provide advertisers the essential tools to scale without limitation, with advanced automation, real-time data streaming, and a powerful affiliate network platform to build on your success. INCIRCL simplifies the process of integrating, managing, and compensating your highly valued advertiser and publishing partners.


Simplify Operations with Automation

Intuitive automation tools can streamline your complex workflows and help you manage routine manual tasks. We make it easy to improve profit margins, minimize under-performing traffic, and rapidly scale your network.

  • Optimize performance automatically with custom rules for conversion rate, profit margin, and offer type.
  • Work more efficiently with automated actions, alerts, and notifications that guard against threatening traffic sources.
  • Distribute a single report log that monitors all actions, rules, partners, and offers.
  • Enhance operations with automated invoicing and payment solutions.

Make Decisions with Real-Time Data

INCIRCL delivers everything you need to determine the best course of action. You can depend on accurate, real-time data supported by world-class infrastructure.

  • Real-time reporting to act quickly on partner incentives.
  • Two-way API to empower real-time decisions and integrations.
  • Partner APIs to integrate with their systems.
  • Customizable dashboards, interfaces, and reports.