Customize the loyalty framework to fit your business requirements

Increase customer satisfaction and business revenue by quickly and easily gearing up to accept touchless payments everywhere you do business. And take advantage of lower processing fees. Most transactions don’t meet the risk threshold set by payment processors. Because we can reduce the assessed risk level, you merit better rates.

Accept more payments

Payments can be in the form of credit, debit, or SVA stored in the mobile wallet. NFC can trigger the INCIRCL for Bluetooth, cloud, barcode, or QR.

POS integration

Integrate INCIRCL into your existing POS or other payment system that is shared by vendors or partners. Enable easy mobile payments at the register or for advanced ordering.

Simple remittance

Make it easy to send and receive money directly to the mobile wallet. Users can collect cash at connected ATMs or keep value in their wallet account.

What You Can Do

Modular design

Only choose the services you want with our truly modular design.

Cloud payments

People can send money to others or make payments without a POS.

Flexible integration

Integrate freely into any payments processor or POS.

Financial switch

Operate an entire ecosystem or sinly route payment requests.


SDKs and APIs enable you to develop your own branded wallet, or to integrate easily with any existing app.


Your existing AML, KYC, PCI, and fraud prevention vendor can be fully integrated.