Customize the rewards framework to your business requirements


Architect, distribute, and administer a variety of your own programs, including points, tiered, perks, coalition, and more. Simply define your branding parameters, including company logo, domain, language, currency, and support information.


Programs are available in multiple languages, and we can also localize the program based on your business goals and requirements.


Everything you need to access your custom loyalty framework is at your fingertips. Simply offer our platform under your own brand, and we’ll do the rest behind the scenes.

What You Can Do


Design and publish targeted offers and ads across all of your digital channels. Manage campaign parameters from start to finish.


Customize our registration system to your specific requirements, and gather unlimited customer registration data.


Integrate the INCIRCL API directly into your existing website, or direct customers to the custom webpage, web link, or iFrame of your choice.


To strengthen customer bonds, our platform delivers automated “Thank You” emails with status updates on points after each loyalty event.


Even though our API has been created for the cloud, we can integrate virtually any product with web services or an API. Once the loyalty program is created in the cloud, it can be on the terminal instantly.