Marketing to consumers means understanding who they are, what they care about, and when they are likely to buy. Our AI-powered marketing provides greater control over data, so you can activate campaigns with greater speed and effectiveness.

Track up-to-the-minute audience identifiers and attributes to enable intent-based scoring and targeting. Identify anonymous website visitors and engage them across channels with personalized engagements.

Act on Audience Insights in Real-time

Identify in-market prospects and purchasing signals in real-time. Address and engage prospects at every stage of the customer journey.

Automate Lookalike Audience Targeting

Our Artificial Intelligence not only predicts who your next “best customers” will be, but it also automatically determines how to reach them most effectively.

Activate Across Individual Channels and Devices

Make smarter, faster and more informed marketing decisions by tracking meaningful trends from market, prospect, and customer data. Discover deep connections with your audience at scale. Extract customer insights and activate growth everywhere your customers are.

Maximize Audience Creation and Acquisition

Create and onboard new customers using interests, demographics, and real-time behaviors analyzed by our AI.

Know Your Audience

Find, identify, and convert the right people

Our predictive AI is built into campaigns, allowing marketers to deploy personalized content based on real-time interests and signals. Marketers can reach consumers across channels with messaging that resonates and inspires engagement.

  • Privacy-focused data framework
  • Predictive AI machine learning
  • Personalized real-time engagement

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What You Can Do

Amplify Acquisition

Discover and engage consumers currently in-market for your products across all channels.

Supercharge Personalization

Identify at-risk customers and intercept them with messaging that mitigates churn.

Grow Lifetime Value

Understand the interest of consumers in real-time, elevate their experience, and drive more revenue to your business.

Supercharge Personalization

Deliver onsite personalized experiences tailored to individualspreferences and real-time interests.

Recapture Abandoners

Remarket to cart abandoners across channels and recapture lost revenue opportunities.

Market Cross-channel

Reach prospects across online and offline channels with systematic, omnichannel messaging.