What You Can Do

Hyper-personalization enables marketers to enhance the customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Identity Resolution

Our customer data platform is built for the enterprise. AI is the key to unifying your valuable customer data across every touchpoint. Powerful machine learning automatically resolves identities in real time, finding and correcting matches that often elude other approaches.

Consumers use an average of four devices every day. Most of the time, they will not reveal who they are to your business. Each activity across these devices offers valuable customer data, which, if combined accurately and safely, contains crucial business intelligence that builds a competitive edge.

Unifying Identity

Know every customer as an individual, across every interaction with your brand. Our patented AI platform is trained using billions of customer records to accurately resolve key identifiers.

Accurate, rich, stable individual identity graphs represent diverse customer interactions across multiple channels. We apply powerful, compliant, first-party data in a transparent approach to build a consistent, reliable identity framework for your business. This high level of intelligence gives you the power to understand, engage, and serve your customers for the best possible results.

Roaming Identity Profiles

Accurate customer profiles empower businesses to deliver relevant messaging, drive customer acquisition, and enhance customer experience.

But it can be a major challenge to maintain accurate, current customer profiles and behavior data, since identity data is siloed across such disparate sources.

Hyper-personalization builds stronger engagement.


Identity Data silos

Our smart technology uses machine learning to resolve customer identities across multiple devices, channels, and databases. We coalesce this data into a single Roaming Identity Profile.

This robust identity profile contains the widely heterogeneous customer identifiers, from both online and offline sources, related to an individual customer. These profiles are stored in our Identity Graph, a powerful database that manages the multitude of unique connections for billions of identities.


Identity Graph

We build rich, first-party identity and household graphs using direct integrations to achieve superior data standardization, data hygiene, and anonymous-to-known connections. Our comprehensive, enterprise-grade approach empowers you to discover and activate true customer intelligence for remarkable business outcomes.