Everything you need is built right into the platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI-enriched consumer intent data and insights to power engagement, acquisition, and retention. Predict intent across every channel to enable hyper-personalization throughout the customer experience to produce better business results. Achieve incremental lift and prevent budget waste with our unique customer identity data and real-time audience building, tracking, and engagement.

Easy Integration & Management

If you have already implemented effective marketing platforms, INCIRCL can act as the single point of integration to connect everything for easy management and automated reporting. The INCIRCL platform is highly versatile. You can scale, customize, and deploy the platform under any circumstance and with any existing architecture.

Deliver Offers Immediately

Our suite of offers and ad management tools are built right into the platform. That means you can plug it into your existing app, then immediately start sending out targeted offers. In case you don’t have a mobile app, you can self-brand the INCIRCL platform. Plus, since we know that every industry is different, your offers can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of your customers, operating systems, and business goals.

What You Can Do

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Design targeted offers and ads, then publish across all of your digital channels. Manage the various components of your campaign from a single place. Coordinated omni-channel campaigns provide a consistent customer experience for your brand.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule the delivery of campaigns and offers at specified times, or at such times as customers perform designated actions.

Cross-channel messaging

Deliver targeted offers to your existing customers through email, in-app notifications, push notifications, and SMS.

Manage costs

Manage campaigns more efficiently for greater cost effectiveness with all of your digital marketing and commerce services.


Create a geofence, or geographically defined area, to send branded offers to customers who are within proximity of a store location, beacon, or BLE.

Personalized offers

Improve ROI on every marketing campaign by integrating your current CRM to our platform. This allows you to personalize offers and rewards for specific customer segments.

Analytics & reporting

Leverage analytics on impressions, clicks, and interactions with automated reporting for any platforms integrated with INCIRCL.

Ad exchange

Monetize your digital channels by selling ad space to partners and vendors.